Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A New Beginning

Assalamualaikum ,

Let's get started. I used to have a blog tapi blog tu macam dah lama ketinggalan and looks so merapu. So i decided to start all over again. Why blogging ? I just feel like doing it. Maybe blogging boleh express what i kept inside me all this while or apa merapu pun lantak la kan. This is my blog , so i have the right to write whatever i want as long as it doesn't hurt others kan.

Ok , that's me up there. Gambar macam retis kan ? haha , ok poyo. Let me tell you some shits about me. The name given is Nazirul Wafiy Bin Rashidi , you can call me Wafiy. Born in 16 November 1992 , year of the monkey. Yes , somtimes i do act like a monkey. So what , it's my life ain't yours. I eat more than you can imagine , trust me saya tak bohong punya. What else ? FUTSAL. yes , futsal is my soul before music. Bola dengan aku memang tak boleh dipisahkan.

I'm so unpredictable. I can be whoever whenever i want. Kejap gila , kejap serious. Sometimes good , sometimes bad. Pelik aku ni. Aneh macam haram. I'm still searching the real me. Rasanya takde identity lagi bukan takde pendirian ye. But what i know is , i hate being lonely. Macam nak pecah kepala otak kalau sunyi. I love to make friends. Be nice to me and i'll be nice to you too. 

Rasanya cukup la kot. Nak cerita semua sampai bila pun tak habis. Here's my facebook (nazirul_wafiy@yahoo.com) and twitter (WafiyRashidi) if you want to get to me. Have fun reading my blog. That's all from me , thank you.

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