Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Besties :)

Sakinah Syahira & Noorul Adilah <3

These 2 crazy girls up there are my best friends. I guess they're more than friends to me. They're like my own my family , my sisters. How i met them ? Panjang cerita , abaikan. I didn't expect we'll be as close as we're right now. Dah macam wonderpets , mana-mana bertiga. I can't tell how much they really mean to me. They do help me a lot throughout my life. We went through so many things together. They're always there when i need them. We support each others's wills.  I trust them as much as i trust my mom. Ecehh , sure bangga mangkuk berdua ni. Everything have their own bittersweet , so does in our friendship. Kitorang ada jugak berselisihan faham tapi lama-lama baik jugak. Bak kata orang tua , "air dicincang takkan putus". Sometimes , gaduh sebab benda bodoh je. Tapi biasa la , semua orang ada perasaan kan. My life changed after i met them. They do put some colors into it. Nak cakap panjang lebar pun penat jugak. But for sure i love them as much as i love my own family. There will be no other that could ever replace them. 

Here are some pictures of us together :

with love , 
Wafiy Rashidi

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